SPIE: Augmented Microscopy

Screenshot of the press release "New microscopy technology augments surgeon’s view for greater accuracy" on the website SPIE.org. Between July and November of 2015, I acted as a public relations contractor for SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics. My task was to review research articles published in SPIE’s eleven peer-reviewed scientific journals and identify the ones with potential mainstream appeal as science news items.

Then I produced a concise yet accurate summary of the article, explaining the research findings to a nonscientific audience. My work formed the basis for SPIE press releases disseminated to science news channels.

In this case, I wrote a summary of “Augmented microscopy: real-time overlay of bright-field and near-infrared fluorescence images,” published in the October 6, 2015 issue of the Journal of Biomedical Optics.

Download a PDF of the press release content I submitted to SPIE (291 KB).

The final press release disseminated by SPIE can be seen here. The press release was picked up by www.news-medical.net.

Christine’s excellent writing skills have helped us expand our capacity to share interesting and important scientific findings with a broader audience. She has an impressive ability to translate reports on scientific findings into more mainstream language, and an equally impressive ability to do so in a compelling way. Her work is of unfailingly high editorial quality, and always on deadline.

— Amy Nelson, Public Relations Manager, SPIE


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