Venere: Hotel Villa am Schlosspark Garni

Description of the Hotel Villa am Schlosspark Garni written for Expedia / Venere.Between September 2010 and June 1, 2011, I completed an eight-month contract for Expedia, creating web content describing 35 international hotels and vacation properties per week for the online travel agency

Each infosite required online research, search engine optimization, and a digital map of the location. I worked independently and remotely while handling a high volume of cases under deadline.

This infosite describes the Hotel Villa am Schlosspark Garni, a small hotel in western Munich, Germany. Download a PDF (234 KB).

Though the majority of our interaction was online as our roles were telecommuting-based, I had the pleasure of working with Christine in a content writing role for nearly a year at Expedia. As we were hired at the same time, we went through training together and she was eager to jump in and get started. I appreciated her keen eye for detail and positive attitude. I really enjoyed my time working with Christine, and I think she would be a great asset on another team in the future.

— Maureen Tatro, Content/Project Manager, Expedia

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