NCyTE Marketing Video

Screenshot of the NCyTE Center video introducing the course "AP Computer Science Principles: Cybersecurity"As the Interim Marketing & Communications Manager for Cybersecurity Grant Projects on a 6-month contract with Whatcom Community College, I marketed a new course developed by our team in collaboration with CodeHS, an online interactive learning platform. The National Cybersecurity Training & Education (NCyTE) Center at Whatcom worked to expand use of this Advanced Placement course in U.S. high schools. Our target audience was high school computer science teachers who teach “AP Computer Science Principles” and would consider moving to a version that introduces cybersecurity topics as well as computer science.

To reach this audience, NCyTE exhibited at the annual conference of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), held as a virtual event in July 2021. I prepared the base materials for the 6-minute video featured at our virtual booth, creating a detailed PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying narrative script. After I circulated the drafts to NCyTE and CodeHS leadership for their review and approval, one of my team members recorded a video version with the audio narration.

Our previous marketing materials for “AP Computer Science Principles: Cybersecurity” briefly outlined the approach and development of the online course. For this video, I went into greater detail, explaining the course’s unique content, student activities, and beneficial outcomes.

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