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Screenshot of the homepage of the Clergy Into Action website, at http://into-action.netDuring my husband’s three years as a student at Virginia Theological Seminary, I worked with one of the professors, who was conducting a national study of recently ordained mainline protestant clergy, funded through a grant from the Lilly Endowment. One of my main tasks was managing student workers who were analyzing data collected through detailed online surveys.

I also managed the creation of the Clergy Into Action website, directing the work of an outside web agency so the WordPress-based site produced would meet the Principal Investigator’s requirements. I produced more than 50% of the content populating the website prior to launch: writing original articles, editing text for length and consistent style, obtaining appropriate photography under Creative Commons licenses, and posting a variety of media files.

Christine has managed two distinct projects (analytic research and website development) for a significant national study. She has done so with high capacity and clarity. For website production, she has coordinated with outsource providers brilliantly, tracked problems and populated the website, crafted content, and produced a structure that navigates very smoothly. She’s been great to work with — focused, clear, productive, committed, energetic.

— The Rev. Dr. David Gortner, Principal Investigator, the Clergy Into Action Study

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