Clergy and Conflict: Research Findings

Screenshot of the article "Which Conflict Do You Have? New Clergy’s Stories from the Field" on the Clergy into Action websiteAs a research associate for the national Clergy into Action Study, I worked with Principal Investigator Dr. David Gortner on website content communicating study findings. Besides contributing to a growing body of research on how newly ordained men and women can effectively make the transition from student to pastor, the Clergy into Action website was developed to inform the choices made by future church leaders and the organizations that train and educate them.

I developed this long-form article in collaboration with Dr. Gortner, drawing on SurveyMonkey results and the transcripts of extensive interviews with Clergy into Action Study participants. The piece uses direct quotations and anecdotes from multiple participants to explore four types of conflict that new clergy frequently encounter, as well as suggesting how clergy can approach conflict with a healthy degree of assertiveness.

Download a PDF of the complete long-form piece (596 KB)

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